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“Everything You Said It Would Be”
Rich, I had to write you. I am a sports investor for over 25 years. I am active in all sports. You’re analysis has been great. Your systems and suggestions like Sports Insight have been amazing. I’ve been dong this along time……and well I’ve been a client for a week and it has been everything you said it would be. Thanks.
TO in Denver, CO

“Let’s Get The Man Again Today My Friend”
Rich, Great job yesterday. Crazy wins, lets get the man again today my friend. Lets put the sportsbooks on their knees. Thanks again.
Andrew A.

“It’s a Lot of Fun to Have a Night Like This”
Good work, Rich. I’m happy to be benefitting from your knowledge. It’s a lot of fun to have a night like this, 5-0 in MLB. Cheers.
Sanjay S.

“Sipping a Mai Tai & Smoking a Stogie”
Rich Just sipping a Mai Tai and smoking me a big old Arturo Fuentes Opus (that’s a $55.00 cigar) after another 5-0 night. Just to let you know John Morrison has a new gig called champ selections that he claims makes him between $60,000 and $90,000 a month and he don’t even have a winng record but he is a legend in his own mind. Keep up the good work.
Randy H.

“Long Term Stats You Have Put Together Are The Way To Go”
HI Rich, Nice going today. I read your methods of betting and see why you bet the way you do. Hunches lose more money for most bettors and here in Vegas I have seen it all. Long terms stats that you have put together is the way to go and I see exactly what you are doing. There will be down times but in the long haul it is all good. Thanks Rich and the very best to you.
Joe F.

“Another Superb Winner”
Hi Rich Thanks for adding me to your lists. I decided to watch the results for a couple of days – what a mistake – with the first 4 MLB bets all winning!! I placed my first wager last night on the Colorado State game – another superb winner. Thanks once again. Regards.
Tony H.

“Rich You Have Completely Changed My Life”
Rich, thank you for your prompt response on the choice picks. I could not believe the whitesox won today 5 to 1 over my favorite team the boston redsox.. I did bet the pick, won some money and was completely shocked. All of the advice e-mails on point spread have been most informative. Please keep the winners coming. Before I joined your sports picks I would always win 2 lose 1,, win 4 lose 1, now I almost so far win everytime,,, I even had the Hurricanes tonight.. I am off to Vegas this week I am on fire with your help/picks and might as well enjoy the good life of winning. The line for the whitesox was +115 and it was the only line that covered. Hmmm, makes you wonder how did Rich Allen know this? Who cares, he just knows.. Rich you have completely changed my life just 28 more days of baseball. Thanks.
Max C.

“I Love Starting The Seaon This Way”
Rich. Let’s keep this streak going. I love starting the season this way but my bookie doesn’t lol. Have a great week Rich. If I have any other questions I’ll hit you up thanks for being so prompt with your responses very well appriciated. Thanks again.
Jason B.

“A 5 For 5 Day Very Well Done!”
Congratulations are in order. A 5 for 5 day, very well done. I was a little reluctant on the Packers vs Bears game. But you made it buddy. Real good start of the season. Later.
Zishan R.

“You’re A Star”
Rich, What Else Can I Say? You’re A Star. Many Thanks.
Gemma M. in the UK

“Best Weekend I’ve Had In Awhile”
Rich, Just want to thank you for a great weekend. This is the best weekend I ever had in awhile. I just got laid off – and your great football picks this weekend have helped me some on my bills. Hopefully, it keeps coming until I find my new job again – and hopefully it continues further. Thank You. Please keep them coming.
Ryan B.

“I Am Up $5oo And A Real Believer”
Hi Rich. After taking the plunge to try this betting with $50 of my very hard-earned money, I decided to try your trial less than a week ago. Being a skeptic, I passed on your first day of 3 MLB picks, only to find out they were all winners! Then I refused to believe there would be good results with college football on Saturday only to watch your 4 system plays sweep Saturday! Finally convinced, I jumped on all your NFL system plays and went 4-0!! I am now up $500, and a real believer. Keep up the good work. Thanks for the wonderful opportunity!!
Kevin W. Great Britain

“I Am Building My Bankroll”
Rich, I also want to say thank you. I think that you have a good system and as long as people stick to it you can make money over the long run. I don’t bet huge but I am building my bankroll following you and I appreciate it.
Justin L.

Keep Up The Good Work!”
Rich, So far THE SYSTEM has been AWESOME! It’s greed and little patience that kills the average sports better. Realistically there’s going to be a loss somewhere down the road. But, like you said in the long run we’ll come out ahead. Keep up the good work!

“I Do Exactly What You Say And I’m Winning Big”
Rich, I am doing exactly what you say and winning big. I am only playing your asterik plays because they are so damn accurate. You da man. Cheers.
Roger B. in New Zealand

“I Am Guaranteed To End The Season On The Plus Side”
Hey! Just wanted to say thank you so much. I started with $50 three weeks ago, and tonight I reached $1,505.00. Your system has been a real find! I am an avid football fan, so I see the occassional can’t-miss game(like the Packers last week), but they are few and far between. Your system allows me to methodically work 5 or more games a week…with a very high success rate. I am guaranteed to end the season on the plus side. Thanks INDEED!
Kevin W.

“You Are The Truth”
I just wanted to tell you Rich Thanks for providing a great service, you helped me make a lot of money already … I have never had so much success in sports betting until I tried your system .. I wish I knew about you sooner … You are ” The Truth .” Excellent picks and I love how you send the picks the night before. That’s a big help because I work in the mornings and cant get to a computer to make the picks or get my email .
Finis W.

“The First Time I Bet I Won $1,870.00”
You know what Mr Rich, I’m proudly telling you that I don’t regret paying to join your service. The first time I bet I won $1,870.00. That’s pretty good for the first timer huh? Before this, I was giving up on this stuff. Today my plan was if I lost this last bet I’ll quit for good. I told myself I’ll give this system a chance taking advise from your system and pick Vikings. OHHHHH my god. My heart was beating so hard when G.P. scored the point at 2:00 minutes remaining. So far this time I bet total of $300 on Vikings only and if I win I’ll continue with the amount of money I won. If I lost all of the money I won well that mean goodbye betting.. I won $600 tonight. Believe me I’m soooooooooooooo happy that I hugged one lady watching the game with me and the deal was I didn’t even know that person. That’s something new about me. I don’t ever hug anyone, not even the ones I know. Thank You!
John T.

“I’m Glad I Made The Purchase”
Rich, Your system is great, really. I’m glad I made the purchase, doing really well since. Thank you again.
Derwin P.

“For Once I’ve Paid For Something of REAL Value”
Rich, I just want to thank you for this lifetime service. For once it seems that I have paid for something of real value. I really appreciate your winning picks and all the extra information. Thank you for this service and the fact that you are really honest about your work and your offering. Believe me, I can use all the help I can get. Thanks again.
Larry D.

“Well Done”
Thanks Rich, I really appreciate your help. (Not used to customer care as I’ve been with SB Champ for nearly 2 years). Well done. Best Regards.
Robert S.

Rich, First off, i just wanted to tell you that this is incredible what you are doing. Thanks and keep it up. A+++++++++
Russ H.

“You Da Man”
Nice picks today Rich! You da man. Keep up the good work.
Brian P.

“Best Picks Ever”
These are the best picks that I have ever gotten!!!
Van C.

“I Am Forever Grateful”
Rich, I am writing to you today to let you know that when I read your website about winning 90% of your plays I really thought now this guy really exaggerates his win percentage. When you gave me the opportunity to try the program for $5.00 for the first month I said well for $5.00 I have nothing to lose. Well, now it has been about 2 months and your winning percentage is only 100% when using your system the way it is set up. Since that time I have now purchased your system and have your picks for life, I guess either yours or mine. I am going to follow this system for as long as I have it. It is a true winner. Also, you have been a big help as far as being an honest businessman. When I transferred my membership from monthly to a one time payment, you made sure that the monthly billing stopped for me. I am forever grateful for the work you have done and hope that this system stays true for many years to come. Everybody should be buying your system. Although I hope you limit it so it doesn’t change the way it works. Good luck and thanks again.
Joe K. Chicago, IL

“Glad I Found You”
I don’t even remember how I found you but glad I did, can’t wait for basketball, thanks Rich.
Kris S.

“I’d Pay More”
You are really the best Rich…..I really appreciate all of your picks…..I am willing to pay extra if you can give me more action!
Richard L.

“A Big Thank You”
Rich, I bought the SBP system and all I can say is DAMN! In the 3 days I’ve owned it, I’m 8-0! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Rob K.

“I Can’t Believe How Well The System Works”
Well done, nice one – I had my house on it 🙂 – that’s how it felt. Keep it going – I still can’t believe how well the system works. My A bet is only $20 – but for me that’s alot and the winnings are well spent on kids and family. Thank you.
Lukasz from Poland

“I Know I Can Count On You”
From the day I purchased your Platinum Package, I know I can count on you. You’re really an oasis in the ocean of dry desert.
Anton B.

“The Best Service I Have Ever Been Associated With”
Rich I think you have the best service that I have ever been associated with. Thanks.

“I Am Going To Support Your Program By Purchasing A Lifetime Worth Of Picks”
Hey Rich, Thought I’d give you a little fanmail…My name is Luis and I’m 24 years old currently residing in Cali. About two months ago I came across a sportsbook that I liked and for the very first time I placed a bet on a baseball team. Come to find out, the interest I had on that game was off the charts even though I only had ten dollars on the game. Ever since then I’ve just been placing bets for fun. When I came across your program, I actually liked it. I just don’t plan on getting rich off of this or anything, but it’s just something for me to do. You pick the teams and I place small bets on the games just to have fun with it. After my 30 day trial, I am going to support your program by purchasing a lifetime worth of picks and the sportsbettingprofessor guide. I’m not one that really understands anything about point spreads and the meaning of buying points, nor do I really care, but I just want to have fun with this like I said earlier. I don’t know if you get a lot of fanmail or not but I thought I’d just toss this in here. I know a lot of people talk about scam this and scam that but those are simply the ones that get mad when they don’t make a million dollars in five minutes. Anyway, can’t wait to finish out the rest of the season and start on some new ones. If you have any input I’d be glad to hear what you have to say…Take care.
Luis N.

“By Far The Most Professional And Thorough Sports Betting Info I’ve Read”
Hi Rich, I’ve been reading your PDF’s and they’re by far the most professional and thorough sports betting info I’ve read.
Sean C.

“Love The Service And Thanks For The Special Offer”
Love the service and thanks for the special offer that made it affordable to me. Regards.
Dee D.

“My Bankrolls Have Increased To The Point Where Our Trip Is Paid For”
Hi Rich, Just want to send some thanks as the wife and I sit in the airport getting ready to fly to Vegas. After starting very conservative with your football systems this last fall my bankrolls have increased to the point where our trip is paid for and the future looks very bright. Cheers!
Jim N.

“Sports Betting Professor .. Is A Cut Above The Rest”
I have tried various sports betting opportunities in the past and to be quite frank the majority of them aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on. Sports Betting Professor however is one of very few unique services and is more than a cut above the rest. For me personally, it has proven its worth since I have subscribed to your service. Keep up the great work Rich!
Tony M.

“Thanks…..keep the winners coming!!!”
J. Barret

“Your Systems are The Best Out There”
your systems are the best out there, Thanks.
Angelo N.

“I Thougt for 5 Bucks I need to Try This Guy Out and Damn am I So Glad I Did!”
Hi rich First I want to say that after 20 yrs of being ripped off by hacks and looking for an honest and reliably consistent service I had all but gave up. Then I found ur website and thougt for 5 bucks I need to try this guy out and damn am I so glad I did! What an unbelievable service you provide! Thank you!

“It’s Easy to Understand Why You Would Be So Highly Recommended”
Hi Rich, It’s easy to understand why you would be so highly recommended by the reviewers. You have a winning system, you are dependable and you maintain lines of communication with your members.
Robert J.

“I Hope the NBA Season Never Ends:)”
Hi Rich, I hope the NBA season never ends:)
Benny X.

“It’s Great To See Someone Who Not Only Believes, But Also Sticks By Their System.”
Hi Rich, Thanks for your encouragement and it’s great to see someone who not only believes, but also sticks by their system. Good luck with your personal bets and enjoy the rest of the MLB season.
Frank S.

“I Have Total Faith”
Thanks so much for your reply Rich I very much appreciate it. Makes a lot of sense what you said. I really hear you and have total faith in where you’re coming from. I’m bang into these money line bets, there’s so much more profit involved and if you lose a few, it doesn’t completely nuke all your other wins for the day. Keep up the great work. Thanks again.
James D.

“I am very impressed.”
Jacqui H.

“I Truly Appreciate Your Hard Work”
I truly appreciate your hard work and effort required to develop these systems. Take care, Kind regards.
Rhonda D.

“Congratulations … UnF@#king Believable!”
Congratulations on an unbelievable sports betting season. I’ve followed your every picks in NBA, NFL and College football for this whole season and what can I say….Un f@#k believable..:D
Nhat N.

“I Just Wanted To Thank You”
I just wanted to thank you for a fantastic NFL, NCAA and NBA season. I have never won so many bets before. I only did the system bets – all I can say is: amazing results. I don’t bet a lot max $20 bet A but it has been unbelievable. I started with $200 and I have never had to pay in again and every month since September 2009 I have cashed in $300. I also enjoy the statistics you send from time to time – how many system bets we won. This is very useful as I loose count after the first 10 or so wins. So thanks again.
Lukasz M.

“It’s Great To Deal With Someone Real”
It is great to deal with someone real for a change!
Jackie R.

“I Had Great Success With Your NBA System”
Had great success with your NBA system (THANK YOU) and would be an idiot not to give your MLB system a go. Thanks.

“A 100% Winning Rate”
Just thought I would drop a quick line…. I bought your NBA package/system and tips 1 month ago today. I have today made the $1,000 (australian) profit mark. Your ABC system has so far been spot on. I have recorded 6 – A losses, 3 – B losses and 0 – C losses, a %100 winning rate. I will start to increase my bets a bit I think. Thanks again.
Gavin M.

“Kudos Once Again My Man”
Kudos once again my man for a knock out system you have created. It was a big ol’ chicken dinner for me my friend. All the best,and thanks again for a profitable season…Cheers too, many more to come.
Milo M.

“Anyone Not Following You is Gambling”
Rich, you are right………..investment. Your system has changed my financial life for the better. Thank you very much. You are the man. Anyone not following you and using your system is gambling. Thanks again and best regards, Shawn P.S. Watching Dallas spank Golden State as I type this.
Shawn H.

“You Are the Real Deal”
Rich, You are the Real Deal!! Always happy to be part of your inner circle! Continue the great work!
Michael W.

“You are My Idol!”
Not forgetting, you are my idol too. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!! Regards.
Chee K.

“Great Run, Rich!!!”
Craig O.

“Would Highly Recommend Your Service”
Rich… Unbelievable in your NBA picks!! I’m very happy with your service, and plan on being a client for a long time. Can’t wait for baseball to start. I’m glad I found you on the net, and would highly recommend your services. Let’s roll!!!
Ed F.

“You are EN FUEGO. Unbelievable”
WTF??? Dude, you are EN FUEGO. Unbelievable. I parlayed your games the other night, along with the Butler game. 4-0. Thanks a ton.
D. Min

“You must be God!!”
Rich, you are awesome! you must be god, trust me on that. thank you!
Tek M.

“Thank Your Parents For Your Brain!”
Man your picks are great I am putting the word out trying to get you business, I have all of the the wins documented. I WILL MAKE MORE DEALS WITH THE DEVIL IF SO IT KEEPS GOING THIS GOOD. I WOULD THANK YOUR PARENTS FOR YOUR BRAIN RICH.

“If I Told Anyone How Hot You Are.. They Would Put Me In A Padded Room”
If I told anyone how hot you are right now they would put me in a padded room.You couldn’t make this run up with a straight face. this is the first time in my life I can go to sleep, down by 6-8 or ten pts in the 4th qtr and know I have a winner. Whatever happens from here on out,you are forever on my Christmas list.
Owen P.

“My Bookie Hates Me Now”
Another great day for betting… my bookie HATES ME NOW! lol Thanks for everything…..keep up the good work! Thanks again.
Matt L.

“It Has Been A Great Ride – Amazing Job”
Rich, it has been a great ride, amazing job thanks.
Bryan G.

“You’re The Man!”
Rich, You’re the man! Can’t wait to get cracking on college hoops too! Thanks.
Mike B.

“You Are The Bomb… Love Ya”
You Are The Bomb and of course I am buying the March Madness pakage. Love ya.
Ted. S.

“You Da Man!!!”
YOU DA MAN RICH!!! Thanks again!
Prash L.

“Another 3-0 day..??? Now this is getting ridiculous!!!”
Hey Rich, Another 3-0 day man??? Now this is getting ridiculous!!! I’m getting scared now!!! Would you please stop sending me winners??? I can’t take this anymore man!!! What is a man to do with all these solid picks? On second thought…………..just kidding!!! Man keep up the great work!!! I am telling all my friends and family about you brother!!! They just can’t believe what is going on! I will definitely recommend your system! Humble Client.
Stacey M.

“Your NBA Picks are Amazing”
Hi Mr. Allen, your NBA picks are amazing. Thank you for the good stuff for last couple weeks:) I can’t wait to see the MLB pick.
Benny O.

“I Know I am Getting An Honest Bet”
Need to relate to you that I had never bet anything in my life until last fall. I was interested from a guy I heard one Sunday morning on the radio. He took me and fleeced me for a lot of money. When his picks were flailing and paying him big bucks I looked around for other services. I tried Accuscore and one other guy (who I will not name) who does it sort of like you BUT he will not put the spread down he gets (which gives a sub a loss and him and his system a ‘win’) and he has done some other dishonest stuff (imo). You are the only one who has honestly made me money. I bet nothing else now nor do I care to. I know that with you I am getting an honest bet. Thank you! When do we start the MLB? Thanks!
Tom H.

“Great Stuff!”
Rich, Great stuff, thanks for that.
Matt M.

“Thanks For The Winners!”
Rich, Thanks for the winners!
D. Ralstin

“I Just Wanted to Say How Happy I Am With Your System.”
Hi Rich, I haven’t written to you for a while, but just wanted to say how happy I am with your system. Still can’t quite believe that at last, after many disappointments, wasted money and years of searching, I finally found your site and am very happy indeed that I joined. Thank you again for your honesty and integrity in a field which is so often marred by unscrupulous operators. Have a good evening, and I’m raising my glass of beer to you! Cheers!
Steve G.

“I Can’t Thank You Enough!!”
Rich, I can’t thank you enough for the numbers you are putting up this year. Brandon Lang claimed to do this shit years ago and they made a fucking movie about his life. You are doing it for real!!!
Jordan T.

“I Have Never Seen These Types Of Results”
Rich, I don’t typically like to do this, because right when you start singing praises………things go the other way. However, I have been a professional gambler since the 80s. Typically, I don’t move much in the NBA. I have never seen these types of results in the NBA. Ever. And well, I jumped in at the right time. Great job.
Todd O.

“Thanks For All Of Your Hard Work”
Ok cool, thanks for all your hard work in the NBA. You’re the man.
Paul H.

“You Are The Real Deal”
Hi Rich, just wanna tell you again that you are the real deal. Your 2 games last night saved my butt again. Glad to have you around dude. Cheers.
Edmund L.

“Your Picks Rock”
Hi rich you might not remember me, I was the tw*t slaging off the picks but i didnt read the system. I just wanna say sorry I’m a tw*t and your picks rock. If I go to the states I’ll take you out.
Calvin L.

“My Bookie Tries To Lock The Door When He Sees Me”
Hey Rich, That’s FIVE on the bounce now!!! My bookie is trying to lock the door when he sees me walking up the road…ha ha!!. Really though, excellent results, and everything I have stated about your system in my affiliate campaign. Thanks.
Chris A.

“Best Service I Have Come Across..”
this has to be the best service i have come across in many years, so looking forward to following you through out the year.
John A.

“Amazing Tipping On NBA Basketball”
Hi Rich, I have been meaning to e-mail you for ages to express my appreciation for your amazing tipping on the NBA. Basketball used to be one of my least favourite sports but thanks to your excellent service it has now become my no.1 punting system. Please keep up the good work! This week and this month has been awesome. Regards.
Joe Q.

“I Got It and Won 1,700..”
I got it and won 1,700.00… Thanks Rich you are the man! All 4 of your picks hit last night.
Scott H.

“Your System Is The Best!”
Your system is the best I’ve seen so far. Thanks for your help.
Eric T.

“I have received your picks for over a month now and I’m very impressed.”
Paul O.

“It Is Worth Every Dime”
I cant tell how much you have helped me and that it is worth every dime thank you.
Mark J.

“Thank You For All of Your Outstanding Picks!”
Rich, Thank you for all your outstanding picks, looking foward to all the profits.
Paul S.

“Your System Is A Gold Mine”
I have joined your NBA system and I am loving it. I have made $9000 already I am based in Sydney Australia. I only use the NBA because I have more discipline and dont want to be on every other sport. Your system is a gold mine and your picks are great. Keep up the good work.
Philip F.

“Buying your package for the sports system was the BEST move I have ever done.”
Ray L.

“You Are The Master Of NCAA Football”
Hi Rich, You are the master of NCAA Football…. keep up the good works. Thanks again for the winning pick. Cheers!!!
Chee K.

“Oh Boy Your Picks are Good”
Good morning Rich My name is Stig I joined you in the end of November. So far I have only used the strict system bets. And oh boy they are good. Thank you very much.
Stig K.

“Great Results!”
Hi Rich, Really enjoying your service, very professional and great results too.
Shaun O.

“Have Been Using Your Systems Very Successfully!”
Hi Rich, I am based in the UK and have been using your systems very successfully , well done on a great hit rate.
Barry H.

“I Am Glad I Came Aboard!”
You’re a good guy, Rich Allen. You don’t have the ego problem as many do. I am glad I came aboard! Thanx again for your service.
Dwight F.

“Your Service Is Second To None!”
Dear Rich, I am a very happy customer of yours for the last few months and I think your service is second to none.
Adam G.

“Never Had So Many Winning Bets!”
Thanks for all your great tips! I’m really enjoying this. Never had so many winning bets with anything else I’ve tried over the years! Keep up the good work!
Norman H.

“Your Picks Are Awesome!”
Your picks are awesome, and dare I say WAY superior to a tipster out there with a similar monicker to yours!
Steve B.

“Fantastic Selections Yet Again!”
Hi Rich Fantastic selections yet again. Brilliant form. Thanks for you help regards the point spread a few weeks ago, I’ve sorted it out now, all’s going well.
Daniel W.

“Words Fail Me To Praise You!”
Hello rich. You are a great man rich thank you for your reply to my emails everytime i get in touch, for your great service first class, rich i cant thank you enought thank god i joined your wonderfull service. rich i wont keep emailing you about rules i know what to do now because of your help thank you. words fail me to praise you rich. so all i can say once thank you so much. rich take care of your self.
Eddie R.

“You Have Literally Supplied A Better Life”
Rich, I wanted to write to you and thank you for your system and great customer service. You have made it possible for me to pay off my debt and there was no way that i was going to be able to do that without you. You have literally supplied a better life for me now and you have no idea how greatful I am. So once again, thank you.
Joe I.

“I Want To Meet You & Thank You”
HELLO Sir, you don’t have to reply to this email. Just wanna thank you for kind words…. Someday , I wanna meet you and thank you and give you a gift or something with the money I have made from the system! Take care sir.
Hanjoon K.

“One word-Amazing!!”
Craig O.

“NBA Had A 9-1 Day. Life Is Sweet.”
Great job yesterday Rich, with your picks and my NBA had a 9-1 day. Life is sweet.
Joe A.

“Best Investment I Ever Made!”
You are the man.Best investment I ever made.
Bob F.

Hi Rich, Just felt the need to pop you a quick note to say ….AMAZING JOB TODAY!!!!’ You’re the man. Thank you and God bless.
Ray T.

“You Have Been An Absolute Blessing”
Thank you for your hard work and insight into your selections you have been an absolute blessing…… God Bless.
Tommy & Pamela

“I Am Truly Amazed At The Results You’ve Been Getting!”
Many thanks, Rich and keep up the excellent work. I am truly amazed at the results you’ve been getting and it takes a lot to amaze me with betting, believe me.
Steve T.

“I Am Very Impressed By Your Service!”
I am very impressed with your picks and service….i know it cant always be this good (ie win after win etc) and some losses are bound to occur now and again but if this season is even close to your expectations of your service i will be a customer for a long while to come.
Lee B.

“Yours Is By Far The Best!”
Dear Rich, I am a 68 year old retiree and have been betting the ponies and sports for many years. My sports betting was usually confined to games I played in but at 68 those days are over(except for golf). Usually my sports bets were losers in the long run. I never had a winning season or a winning year prior to joining your service. I follow your betting plan (A-B-C) to the letter and only bet the games with the * symbol. I am now showing major profits for the very first time. I have been through quite a few other sports betting services and I’m here to tell you that yours is by far the best.
Michael Y.

“Great System, Wonderful Profits!”
Hey Rich, great system wonderful profits.
Jared K.

“Boy You Are A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!!”
Hi Rich! Boy you are A-W-E-S-O-M-E !!! Only been with you for less than a week – can see already that you are a real GENUINE guy! Very pleased and previleged to be able to get to know you and your picks! I am not a well off person so took a HUGE gamble when taking up your services! After only 4 days I can see you REALLY are the REAL DEAL! Lost a lot of money with quite a few other tipsters, etc. in the past! THANKS AGAIN!!!
Jaspal S.

“The Trial Has Been Amazing”
I am thankful for the deal and thankful that somebody told me about your system. I hope the success continues once I sign up for the Platinum Package this weekend. The trial has been amazing. Keep up the good work. I will definitely be taking advantage of your offer. Thanks again and have a great Thanksgiving.
Brett F.

“I Am Totally Convinced About Your System!”
Want to say please keep up your amazing service, i am totally convinced about your system!
Michael G.

“Truly Amazing!”
I’m so glad that I am involved with your program. Truly amazing. Thanks again!
Chuck M.

“This Is What I Have Been Looking For!”
This is what I have been looking for, not a bunch hypothetical B. S. Keep it coming. Thanks.
Bill C.

“I Am Loving Your Picks!”
Rich you are he real deal!!! and I am loving your pics… keep up the good work.
Travis K.

“I Couldn’t Be More Pleased!”
I would like to say how much I have enjoyed using your systems, I have been using for over a month now and I couldn’t be more pleased with how they are working. Thank you.
Dave W.

“My Account Is Up 420%”
Jan T.

“Having A Blast!”
Rich, Just wanted to thank you for your system sports bets..they rock. I started just a week ago and have been having a blast…
Leon H.

“Every Day I Fall In Love Even More With Your Systems!”
Every day I fall in love even more of your systems. They are excellent!!
Miguel G.

“I Would Recommend Your Systems To Anybody!”
Thanks Rich for the system and the good information. I have learned more about the in and outs of betting from you. I can’t wait for NCAA BB. I would recommend your systems to anybody. Have a good one!
John C.

“I Am Totally Sold On Your System!”
I am totally sold on your system and the selections so far. I’m a safe sports investor so i stick to the system selections only so far. Small or big… Profit is allways nice 🙂
Tony – Sweeden

“You Have A Special Gift!”
Keep up the great work, the gambling GODS WIll always ride with us. YOu have a special gift and as always GOD BLess you we will prosper!
Dat N.

“Your System Is Incredible!!”
Thanks Rich! Rachael and I are strict system players, your system is incredible!!!!
Jim J. + Rachael