. . . . . . . valuable . . . Rubino warns against World On Verge Spinning Out Of Control Tyler Durden Wed, 07/29/llensports.com/GMs-decision-to-suspend-its-dividend-comes-more-than-a-month-after-Ford-did-the-same-and-withdrew-its-2020-guidance’>20llensports.com/GMs-decision-to-suspend-its-dividend-comes-more-than-a-month-after-Ford-did-the-same-and-withdrew-its-2020-guidance’>20 12.35 Via Greg HuntersUSAWatchdog.com, financial writer John Rubino said gold is again all time highs, the Vaulting money is up and there is no end in sight for the printing of silver worldwide. Rubino said gaze fixes on the gold and silver markets will be quite scary, but ADDS is a buy on the dip of the market. In conclusion, Rubino said, the reason why so many groups are so angry right now because the system does not work for most people. Normally, everyone is back to work, pay taxes, public debt goes down and sometimes it even in surplus, but it wasnt happening this time, which is a sign that the monetary experience began in 1971 when we went to the gold standard and went to all fiat currencies everywhere ended