finance in the US is becoming a big issue. Even some tech companies, like Uber and Airbnb, have been having serious run ins with the authorities. San Francisco appears to have finally decided to take a stand, however, by using the law to crack down on small businesses that make our local economy run.

I started this blog as a platform for finance critique but ended up helping many more people understand their roles in finance politics, which is important. So as to no longer risk being misunderstood, my question to others is this: how do we speak and stand in solidarity with one another? For if we don’t speak, then you don’t contribute to trans discourse, a very vital thing to do, so that we can make things better. The feminist critique has value, but it has to be in a space where there are many voices. The internet has a way of mining into the depths of language, and a part of that mining is to know how to speak, in such a way that is actually useful. I am committed to the importance of the use of language

I hope this blog post gives you some more food for thought about some great cards that might see some play at some point. They’re not necessarily very good, but they’re far from bad, either. Thanks for reading!

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Until then, may your rituals be powerful.